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Cartagena Sunset Sail Cruises

Sunset Sailing Evening Cruises in Cartagena

Cartagena is a city of romance and passion—the ultimate distillation of the Colombian spirit. By day, the beautiful people flock to the beaches or head for the yachts and charter cruises into the Rosario Islands. By night, the city comes alive with the sound of music, the sway of Spanish dancing, and the scents of food from all over the world. But in that sweet spot just as the sun is setting below the horizon, the sky comes alive with a natural fireworks show unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. These gorgeous pinks, oranges, and reds are the perfect backdrop for a romantic sunset sailing in Cartagena! And as the sky fades to deep blue and the shadows dive to black, you know that there’s something even more spectacular in store for your when the sun rises tomorrow.

The Perfect End to a Perfect Day

Imagine, topping off a wonderful day exploring colonial history, shopping for fashion, or just relaxing at your vacation villa with a relaxing cruise through the harbor and into the welcoming arms of the Caribbean.

The cool sea breeze, the sound of the waves licking the hull, the amazing light show, and the one you love by your side. It’s the perfect opportunity for some chilled champagne or your favorite cocktail while you unwind in each other’s arms and grow that loving relationship even stronger.

Whether your vacation in Cartagena is part of your honeymoon travels or not, when you’re in the heart of Caribbean Colombia love is everywhere you turn.

Or maybe you and your loved one are night owls. Maybe a sunset cruise in Cartagena is the perfect way to get your all-night-party started. Warm up as the sun goes down then when you step off the boat at the pier head straight for the party hotspots in Getsemani or a gourmet dinner at any one of the dozens of bistros in the Walled City. Your refreshing ride into the sunset is the perfect way to shake off the day and get ready for whatever excitement the night brings.

A Most Exceptional Setting for a Surprise

Speaking of romance . . . what’s more romantic than surprising that special someone with a loving sunset sailing surprise?

Maybe it’s time to pop the question. Maybe you’re celebrating a special anniversary. Maybe it’s a birthday. Maybe it’s just the right time to say “I love you” with a special piece of jewelry or another present they’ll never forget.

Any and all of those life events could be the perfect excuse to get out on the water for a romantic sunset sailing in Cartagena. The magic of the sea and the sunset will magnify any romantic gesture and make it something you’ll both treasure for years to come.

Let Us Arrange Everything

Don’t let the details spoil the romance of your Cartagena vacation. We can take the hassle out of any romantic gesture—including a sunset sailing in Cartagena’s harbor. When you stay at any of our luxury vacation rental homes in Cartagena, you have access to our complimentary concierge. Our concierge team is staffed by experts who know how to make even the everyday special. Give us a call and we can handle everything from securing your own private sailboat (and dedicated crew) for your romantic sunset sail in Cartagena to providing all the “extras” like champagne, snacks, and—of course—transportation to and from the boat.

All you have to do is pick out the right outfit and show up for the ride.

Prefer renting a boat for the entire day and going to the Rosario Islands?

Martha Hampton

Martha Hampton
Home Curator
Founder of Cartagena Colombia Rentals & Hampton Property Rentals LLC

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