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Monuments and Famous Landmarks in the Old City

The Old City of Cartagena is compact. You can walk from one end of the Old City in any direction and arrive at your destination within 20 minutes. Most of the main historical sites are close together centering around the Cathedral, Churches and Plazas in the South West of the Old City.

However, finding your way around can be confusing due to the orientation of the City with the outer wall and inner Calles (streets) trying their best to confuse you. Fortunately, you are not too far from any landmarks and each corner you turn will give you a pleasant and spectacular surprise. Baskets overflowing from the old Spanish colonial balconies bursting with Bougainvillea displaying brightly colored purples, yellows and reds in the coastal Colombian sunshine. The 16th and 17th centuries colonial architecture is extremely well preserved that the Old City is more than deserving of an officially UNESCO World Heritage Site

0ld City Map
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