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Boats and Yacht Charters

Private Boats for Hire in Cartagena

There’s no better way to truly experience Caribbean life than by the sea than with a boat rental. Our private boats for hire offer you the freedom to explore Cartagena Colombia beaches and the surrounding islands the way you want: luxuriate in the sun sailing around the Rosario Islands, snorkel through coral reefs and crystal blue waters, scuba in natural wildlife habitats, or simply get to your private island villa quickly. We only use trustworthy captains with crews who are there to serve your every need for a truly effortless experience. You can reserve a watercraft big enough for friends and family or intimate enough for you and someone special. Hire that craft for as long as you need it: half a day, the whole day, a week—it’s up to you.

Private Boat Rentals
Boating in Baru
Boating Rosario Islands
26 Foot Boat

Boat 1: 26 Ft – Capacity 8

28 Foot Boat

Boat 2: 28 Ft – Capacity 10

29 Foot Boat for Rent

Boat 3: 29 Ft – Capacity 10

30 Foot Boat for Rent

Boat 4: 30 Ft – Capacity 13

32 Foot Boat

Boat 5: 32 Ft – Capacity 12

35 Foot Yacht

Yacht 6: 35 Ft – Capacity 6

36 Foot Yacht

Yacht 7: 36 Ft – Capacity 12

38 Foot Boat

Boat 8: 38 Ft – Capacity 14

41 Foot Yach

Yacht 9: 41 Ft – Capacity 13

41 Foot Boat

Boat 10: 41 Ft – Capacity 20

42 Foot Boat

Boat 11: 42 Ft – Capacity 12

42 Foot Yacht

Yacht 12: 42 Ft – Capacity 12

43 Foot Boat

Boat 13: 43 Ft – Capacity 22

43 Foot Catamaran

Catamaran 14: 43 FT – Capacity 25

43 FT Azimut

Yacht 15: 43 FT Azimut – Capacity 14

46 Foot Boat

Boat 16: 46 Ft – Capacity 18

50 FT Searay

Yacht 17: 50 FT Searay – Capacity 17

55 Foot Yacht

Yacht 18: 55 Ft – Capacity 18

56 FT Pershing

Yacht 19: 56 FT Pershing – Capacity 16

61 Foot Yacht

Yacht 20: 61 Ft – Capacity 18

62 FT Pershing

Yacht 21: 62 FT Pershing – Capacity 16

70 FT Searay

Yacht 22: 70 FT Searay – Capacity 23

72 FT Sunseeker Predator

Yacht 23: 72 FT Sunseeker Predator – Capacity 18

82 FT Sunseeker

Yacht 24: 82 FT Sunseeker – Capacity 30

Private Boat for the Day

A boat or yacht rental, captain, and crew at your disposal for the entire day! This option allows you to picnic on island beaches or stay on the boat for a day-long adventure. Cruise through the islands and see the sights, anchor somewhere secluded to swim, or visit one of the best beaches near Cartagena


Boat Rental

Captain and Skipper/Crew. Smaller boats do not have skipper



Drinks and Snacks are not included

Pick up location:

Map Muelle Pegaso


Price is dependent on a number of factors.


Number of people

Size of boat

High or Low Season


Once we have the information requested below we will be able to send you a quote

Inquire about Renting a Private Boat/Yacht

Please provide as much information as possible about your plans for the day

Private Boat to/from the Islands:

Travel to the islands surrounding Cartagena in complete luxury . . . and you set the pace. Reach your destination as quickly as possible or plot a leisurely course and enjoy a few cocktails as you glide over the crystal Caribbean and soak up the sunshine. This option is perfect for day trips to Playa Blanca Cartagena Colombia.

Private Boat Service at Your Island Villa

Some of the luxurious private villas we offer are only accessible by boat. Hire a private craft and crew to be yours for as long as you’re here. Get to and from your villa at your leisure. Make use of the boat for daytrips and excursions. Travel to Cartagena whenever you like to explore the city or enjoy the nightlife. The boat, like the island, is yours. Map of the Islands

Boating in Cartagena

Boating excursions in Cartagena come in all shapes and sizes. If you prefer a laid-back fishing experience or a wild party on the water, anything is within reach when you stay with us.

A Boat for Everyone Under the Sun!

For some a boat is a quick way to get from Point A to Point B. For others, simply setting foot on the deck is vacation perfection. Some people prefer exclusive private swimming/snorkeling excursions away from the crowds. Others like to be in the middle of all the action.

We can arrange for whatever adventure your heart desires. In fact, our wide array of available watercraft gives you the options you need without those you don’t.

From fast 26-foot outboards capable of zipping you and 7 of your friends to and from Isla Baru in a matter of minutes to luxurious 55-foot motor yachts with an attentive crew and room for up to 18 of friends and family—we have the boat for you.

Our Concierge Service Makes Boating in Cartagena Hassle-Free

With our exclusive personal relationship with private boat owners and the captains and crews of those boats give us the ability to secure whatever watercraft you need for as long as you need it.

Sure, you can go to the pier and haggle with boat owners and rental agencies to negotiate package deals but boating in Cartagena can be a bit of hassle that way. You never quite know who you’re dealing with, whether they’ve included everything in the price they’ve quoted, or if they’re going to lump you and your friends in with another tour group.

You get guaranteed pricing, expert crews, and exclusive access to your boat so you can simply enjoy the sea, the sun, and the fun.

Places to visit near Cartagena Colombia

Whether you want to book a day trip to the Rosario Islands, transportation to and from Playa Blanca, or rent a yacht for a one-of-a-kind on-the-water party late into the night we can help. We can easily arrange for private boat rentals and transportation for you and all your friends.

Boating in Cartagena
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