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Discover Cartagena & The Rosario Islands with Exclusive Boat Rentals

Embark on a nautical adventure with our private boat rentals, your personal gateway to the crystal clear waters of Cartagena, Colombia. Delight in the freedom to explore the secluded beaches and the majestic islands at your pace. Our fleet, ranging from swift motorboats to luxurious yachts, promises the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable sea escapade.

Experience Cartagena’s Nautical Paradise

Devote your day to exploring the ethereal beauty of the Rosario Islands, lounging at a private island villa, or unwinding on a hidden beach. Whether it’s diving into the vibrant marine life habitats or simply soaking up the sun amidst breathtaking scenery, our proficient crews ensure a seamless and indulgent experience.

Tailor your voyage to suit intimate retreats or spirited group outings, with options for half-day, full-day, or week-long rentals. Our vast selection promises the ideal vessel to meet your unique needs and desires.

Boat Rentals Cartagena

Customizable Day on a Private Boat

Embark on a personalized maritime adventure with a dedicated captain and crew at your beck and call for an entire day. Seize this chance to explore picturesque island beaches, bask in the golden sands, or set sail for a thrilling day-long voyage. Navigate through the enchanting islands, anchor at secluded spots for a tranquil swim, or discover some of the most breathtaking beaches near Cartagena.


  • Exclusive Boat Rental
  • Captain and Crew (note: smaller boats do not come with a skipper)
  • Fuel costs covered


Please note, drinks and snacks are not included and should be arranged separately.

Cost Factors:

The final price is dependent on various factors, including:

  • Number of participants
  • Boat size and type
  • Seasonal demand (high or low season)


Upon receiving the necessary details outlined below, we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

Pick-up Location:

Map: Muelle Pegaso

Ready to Set Sail on Your Luxury Adventure? Inquire Now!

Please provide as much information as possible about your plans for the day

26 Foot Boat

Boat 1: 26 Ft – Capacity 8

28 Foot Boat

Boat 2: 28 Ft – Capacity 10

29 Foot Boat for Rent

Boat 3: 29 Ft – Capacity 10

30 Foot Boat for Rent

Boat 4: 30 Ft – Capacity 13

32 Foot Boat

Boat 5: 32 Ft – Capacity 12

35 Foot Yacht

Yacht 6: 35 Ft – Capacity 6

36 Foot Yacht

Yacht 7: 36 Ft – Capacity 12

38 Foot Boat

Boat 8: 38 Ft – Capacity 14

38 Foot Yacht

Boat 8b: 38 Ft – Capacity 12

36 Foot Boat

Boat 8c: 38 Ft – Capacity 18

41 Foot Yach

Yacht 9: 41 Ft – Capacity 13

41 Foot Boat

Boat 10: 41 Ft – Capacity 20

42 Foot Boat

Boat 11: 42 Ft – Capacity 12

42 Foot Yacht

Yacht 12: 42 Ft – Capacity 12

43 Foot Boat

Boat 13: 43 Ft – Capacity 22

43 Foot Boat

Boat 13b: 43 Ft – Capacity 14

43 Foot Catamaran

Catamaran 14: 43 FT – Capacity 25

43 FT Azimut

Yacht 15: 43 FT Azimut – Capacity 14

46 Foot Boat

Boat 16: 46 Ft – Capacity 18

48 Foot Yacht

Boat 16b: 48 Ft – Capacity 15

50 FT Searay

Yacht 17: 50 FT Searay – Capacity 17

55 Foot Yacht

Yacht 18: 55 Ft – Capacity 18

55 Foot Yacht

Yacht 18b: 55 Ft – Capacity 16

56 FT Pershing

Yacht 19: 56 FT Pershing – Capacity 16

61 Foot Yacht

Yacht 20: 61 Ft – Capacity 18

62 FT Pershing

Yacht 21: 62 FT Pershing – Capacity 16

62 Foot Yacht

Yacht 21b: 62 Ft – Capacity 16

70 FT Searay

Yacht 22: 70 FT Searay – Capacity 23

72 FT Sunseeker Predator

Yacht 23: 72 FT Sunseeker Predator – Capacity 18

82 FT Sunseeker

Yacht 24: 82 FT Sunseeker – Capacity 30


CATAMARAN 25: LAGOON 440 – Capacity 20 people


CATAMARÁN 26: LEOPARD 43 FT – Capacity 25 people

CATAMARÁN 26b 43 FT Capacity 22 people

CATAMARÁN 26b: LEOPARD 43 FT Capacity 22 people


CATAMARÁN 27: 47 FT Capacity 30 people

47ft Catamaran

CATAMARÁN 28: 47 FT Capacity 25 people

51 FT Capacity 30 people

CATAMARÁN 29: 51 FT Capacity 30 people

Boating in Baru
Boating Rosario Islands

Tailored Boat Rentals for Unmatched Island Adventures

From day trips to the Rosario Islands to unforgettable late-night water parties, we facilitate an unparalleled boating experience. Picture yourself cruising leisurely with a cocktail in hand, soaking in the sun, and immersing in the tranquil Caribbean sea.

The Ultimate Cartagena Boating Experience

Sail to Cholon, Baru, and the Rosario Islands

Dive headfirst into a day of vibrant festivities at Cholon or revel in the pristine waters and golden sands of Baru.

Discover the Underwater Paradise at Rosario Islands

A haven for scuba enthusiasts, home to an expansive marine ecosystem and mesmerizing coral reefs.

Gastronomic Delights at Beach Restaurants

Savour the culinary delights of the islands with a wide selection of seafood delicacies and local cuisine.

Majagua Restaurant

Namaste Beach Club

Blue Apple Beach Club in Tierra Bomba

Makani Beach Club

The Bora Bora Beach Club

Nena Beach Club

Fenix Beach Isla de Tierra Bomba

Your Boat, Your Adventure: Diverse Options for Every Explorer

Choose from a spectrum of boating experiences; a tranquil fishing trip or a vivacious water party, we make every fantasy a reality. Our expansive fleet, ranging from nimble 26-foot outboards to lavish 55-foot yachts, caters to every taste and group size.

Private Boat Service for an Exclusive Island Villa Experience

Bask in the luxury of private villas, accessible only by boat. Hire a private craft for seamless day trips. The boat, akin to the island, stands at your command, promising a bespoke island living experience.

Hassle-Free Boat Chartering with Our Concierge Service

Leverage our exclusive partnerships with private boat owners, captains, and crews for a hassle-free charter experience. Steer clear of haggling at the pier and enjoy guaranteed pricing and exclusive access to a curated selection of watercraft, letting you revel in the sea, the sun, and the boundless fun.

Boating in Cartagena

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