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Pirate Ship Sunset Cruise Cartagena Colombia

Pirate Ship Sunset Cruise from Cartagena Harbor

If you’ve been planning your vacation in Cartagena for any time now, it should be no surprise that this city is full of adventure and the kind of history they make movies about. Cartagena was once the center of the Spanish Empire in the South American Caribbean and the hub of the gold and emerald trade in the New World. As such, it was a hotspot for pirate activity. Cartagena was built around massive fortifications raised to defend the Spanish interests here—many of which still stand today. In addition, the city was raided by pirates on more than one occasion! But just because we live in a more civilized age doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the excitement of swashbuckling across the high seas. The Pirate Ship Sunset Tour from Cartagena’s historic harbor is the perfect way to relive the past and get your inner treasure hunter’s blood pumping.

This ninety-minute Pirate ship sunset tour leaves from the harbor just as the sun enters the Golden Hour—making it the perfect opportunity to snap amazing photos of the ships in the harbor, the Caribbean Sea, and the Cartagenan coastline and cityscape. (And selfies, of course.) The cruise is also perfect for sightseeing as the ship’s route takes you along the coast to see the San Sebastian fort, the gorgeous Virgen del Carmen statue, and the Santa Cruz Fort. It’s almost impossible not to think of yourself as a privateer scoping out the perfect opportunity to pillage and plunder.

Pirates Rum Punch

Once you step aboard this lovingly restored wooden vessel, you’ll be greeted with Pirates Rum punch and Limonada de Piratas with Rum to get you in that seafaring mood! The crew also plays Caribbean salsa music to enhance the experience as well. (If you’d prefer something quieter, we recommend sitting at the vessel’s bow.) Experience the wonder of cutting through the water with only the wind at your back and the sails flapping in the breeze.

While this Pirate ship sunset cruise is perfect for sightseeing and photo ops, it’s a great alternative to all the romantic and boozy cruises offered out of Cartagena’s harbor. Guest will have the opportunity to dress up for photos in pirate gear and even pose at the ship’s helm (weather permitting) to get a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home. Focusing on fun and with just a bit of history tossed in for spice, this sunset pirate ship cruise is also an excellent experience for children—especially those old enough to value living history. Indeed, this sunset pirate ship cruise in Cartagena offers everyone the opportunity to make memories that will not soon be forgotten.

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Pirate Ship Sunset Cruise – Ninety-minute Sunset Tour

One of the best things about this sunset cruise is the price. Tickets start at just under USD 30 per adult—about half of what similar sunset cruises will run you. But by no means is this a comment on the quality of the experience. This crew has been running this fantastic excursion for years and has all the details locked down and running like a clock.
Plus, if you’re staying at one of our exclusive luxury vacation rental homes in Cartagena, our complimentary concierge service can arrange the whole thing for you. We can secure your tickets and provide transportation to and from the port with just a call.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner pirate and step back in time aboard this fun sunset pirate ship tour of Cartagena harbor. The crew will have you back in plenty of time for a night on the town or a little relaxing in your private vacation villa.

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