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Best Restaurants in Cartagena Colombia

Top Restaurants in Cartagena that are a must

Looking for the best restaurants in Cartagena? With a myriad of restaurants in Cartagena, this historic city has become truly modern when it comes to the cuisine on offer. Indeed, Cartagena has become something of a destination for foodies and restaurateurs with interesting and exciting visions of what authentic food should really be.

The local cooking of Colombia is influenced by their great geographic location, on the tip of South America and the Caribbean and the distinct flavors of the cuisine can be seen in some of the places that make Cartagena one of the best food destinations in the world. Colombian food is delicious all over the country, from traditional plates to the modern dishes being served in Cartagena. It’s in this colonial city where chefs take the Colombian and Caribbean flavors they’ve grown up with and combine them with innovative cooking techniques – As the dining scene in this city keeps changing, chefs keep having to stay updated to keep up. The restaurants in Cartagena’s Walled City, are outstanding. The variety of food options is overwhelming, and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Fine Dining Gourmet Restaurants

As a service to all of our guests (and ourselves), we’ve tried just about every place to eat in Cartagena from the best restaurants in town to the trendiest food stalls around and have come up with a list of our favorite restaurants in Cartagena. Below you’ll find our pick of the best restaurants with eclectic menus to authentic restaurants offering local ambiance in the Old City.

If you’re vacationing in Cartagena you owe it to yourself to experience the wide variety of food available to you so don’t just stick with the first place you try. Get out, explore, and enjoy every bite of our Caribbean vacation getaway.


Our Favorite Restaurants in the Old City of Cartagena

When it comes to culinary adventures, eating out is definitely one of the best. And for many, the most charming restaurants are those that offer a truly local experience with enticing dishes and a special ambiance. You won’t find anything like them in Cartagena! Here are some of our favorite restaurants to satisfy every appetite and we are sure you’ll find the perfect meal to enjoy.

Mar Y Zielo Gastro Bar

Mar Y Zielo Gastro Bar is a beautiful restaurant and bar in the heart of Cartagena’s historic walled city. It has been beautifully crafted to embody the history, the romance, and the pure sensuality of Cartagena from the ground up.

The Mar Y Zielo Gastro Bar is a great place to enjoy delicious wines from around the world with a menu of champagnes and delicacies exclusively hand-picked by professionals. This is the place to celebrate fun special occasions.

Celele by Proyecto Caribe Lab

Award-winning, experimental cuisine based on centuries of tradition, Celele by Proyecto Caribe Lab with chefs Jaime Rodriguez and Sebastian Pinzon at the helm have something to prove. The gustatory scene in Cartagena is unlike anything you’ll find probably anywhere else in the world, and it’s evolving every day with new additions, unique fusions, and experimental offerings to tempt even the pickiest of taste buds.

La Vitrola

Another clear winner on our list of favorite restaurants is La Vitrola which is one of the busiest restaurants in Cartagena and reservations book fast. Why is La Vitrola so popular? The menu features a unique blend of local and International cuisine so you can travel across borders in one sitting. But because of its iconic stature in Cartagena, it can be a bit difficult to get into.

Band La Vitrola


Traditional inland Colombian dishes are actually a bit hard to find in Cartagena. With the abundance of fresh fish right from the sea, the best restaurants in Cartagena typically serve seafood. However, if you’d like to try something a little more earthy, the menu at Cande offers traditional stews, steaks, pork, and even rabbit. The best time to go is for lunch!

Cande Restaurant in Cartagena De Indias ,Colombia


If you’re in the mood for ambiance, Alma offers it in spades. This gorgeous little restaurant features a great locally-inspired food and an authentic Colombian Band plays in the courtyard. It’s a great place to get a good meal without feeling like you have to impress anyone.

Restaurante 1621

You wouldn’t think that Cartagena would be a good place to find fine French cuisine but 1621 offers diners a trip to the Continent right in the Caribbean. With traditional favorites like duck paired with an absolutely amazing wine list, you can sip and savor until your heart is content.


Caremen restaurant offers trendy “course” meals featuring small plates that are designed to pair excellently with one another. It’s a bit on the pricey side but the presentation is almost enough to make up for it. Add in the wonderful décor and you have all the ingredients for an excellent dinner.

Marea by Rausch Restaurant

It’s not often that a restaurant offers great food and great views but Marea by Rausch capitalizes on its location to give diners both. The simplistic yet elegant style is overshadowed by the amazing views of the harbor. It’s wonderfully entertaining to watch the great yachts come and go. Plus it’s located right at the Convention Center so if you’re attending a trade show, a company function, or an exhibition Marea is a wonderful place to slip away for a great meal.

Restaurante Mistura

This restaurant grew from the city of Medellin, Colombian and has now Mistura franchised itself with locations in last minute Cartagena and Barranquilla. The experience is what Colombians have been raving about in this beautiful country. And make no mistakes, what made this place so popular to begin with is the food.

Club De Pesca

If you’re looking for a beautiful, traditional dining experience set in an amazing and historical environment, Club de Pesca Restaurant in Cartagena is the only place for you! The restaurant was built atop Fort San Sebastian del Pastelillo. this restaurant takes full advantage of the gorgeous views and amazing open-air ambiance of its location.

Restaurant Café San Pedro

This restaurant is located in the heart of the gorgeous plaza in the city. You can sit and enjoy your meal here in the middle of all the action without worrying about being hassled by street vendors as you would be elsewhere. The cool, dark, and authentic vibe of this place simply can’t be replicated and the food is exceptional relying heavily on fresh fish. And, if you’re a people watcher, Restaurant Café San Pedro is a little hideaway that offers an excellent vantage point right in front of one of the oldest churches in Cartagena.

Juan del Mar

Juan del Mar is great for seafood, ceviche, and a homey vibe that’s laid back and fun without being stuffy and pretentious. You can find seating inside in the AC or in the courtyard outside and enjoy the band while you sample some excellent fish dishes.

Cuzco Cocina Peruana

Peruvian food has found a new home in Cartagena and one of the most authentic versions of it can be found at Cuzco in Cartagena. The menu offers a wide variety of seafood dishes expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection. And if you enjoy a little musical accompaniment with your meal, Cuzco features a live band every day.

El Boliche Cevicheria
El Boliche Cevicheria

Peru Fusion

If Peruvian food sounds fun but you want something a little non-traditional, Peruvian fusion is for you. And the best restaurant in Cartagena to enjoy Peruvian fusion cuisine is—of course—Peru Fusion. This is a great spot for lunch and offers interesting twists on traditional fish dishes like ceviche that will have your tastes buds wonderfully confused. Wondering what to try from the menu? We suggest the sushi rolls—literally some of the tastiest in town.

Lobo De Mar

If you’re looking for a restaurant with world flavors influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, we’ve got you covered. From our elegant yet laid back setting to the quality of food on offer, Lobo De Mar is a place that many dub as “funky” or “fun.” But the dining experience matches (if not surpasses) the fine dining you’ll find in other world-class destinations like London and Japan but at a fraction of the price.

Baruco By Cuzco

Baruco by Cuzco in Old City Cartagena is a popular upscale bar with classic cocktails and some signature drinks. The drink options are paired well with deliciously made small plates for a chill vibe perfect for any occasion. and most people who find it simply stumble across it on their way through town

La Perla

La Perla is one of our favorite restaurants for lunchtime fine dining at an affordable price. This restaurant’s authentic menu with friendly staff and of course great food makes it onto our list.

La Perla
La Perla
La Perla
La Perla


Looking for late night eats after a pub crawl or clubbing? Demente is a low key eatery in Getsemani that doesn’t even open its doors until 2:00 a.m. What do you get? Amazing pub-style food (like sliders!) with several unique items thrown in (crab dumplings, pork belly ceviche, and fried black sausage.)

Tratoria Da Silvo

The absolute best pizza in Getsemani. There’s no getting around it, pizza is one of the best foods when you’re out on the town for a night of drinks, dancing, and fun with friends and there’s no better place to grab a slice (or a whole pie) in Cartagena than Tratoria Da Silvo. Better yet, if you can grab a table by the street you get the added bonus of people watching in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Cartagena!

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