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Tips When Visiting the Old City of Cartagena

Tips: Old City of Cartagena

Don't Skip the Street Vendors in Cartagena You might be tempted to spend all your travel money in the glitzy shops you'll find lining high-trafficked streets, or at those cutesy little boutiques, you'll discover peeking out of the most peculiar places. While some of the stuff you'll spot is mass-produced elsewhere, you'll also find some beautiful textiles, metal, and stone jewelry, and…

La Serrezuela Cartagena

La Serrezuela Cartagena

La Serrezuela Mall Cartagena: Upscale Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment In July of 2019, one of the most ambitious building projects to take place in Cartagena in the past thirty years culminated with the opening of a world-class entertainment venue: La Serrezuela. This multi-function mall is home to upscale retail boutiques, fine dining establishments, and various entertainment venues in addition to a convention…

Guayabera Shirts

Guayabera Shirts for Evenings in Cartagena

Guayabera Shirts for Men—a Cartagena Classic These simple, breezy shirts are something of a cultural icon in regions once under the control of the Spanish Empire. Distinguishable by their two closely-sewn rows of pleats (called alforzas) running down the front of the shirt, the guayabera allows for style and comfort in what could otherwise be a sticky situation. Indeed, the design allows…

AJA Company Cartagena

AJA Company Artisan Crafts Clothing & Furniture

Chic Souvenirs for Discerning Travelers at AJA Company No vacation in Cartagena would be complete without bringing home a few souvenirs to remember this glorious city by. But much of the touristy locations you'll come across sell the same low-quality products by the bagful. While this is a great way to stock up on trinkets for far-flung family and friends, when you…

Ferragamo Salvatore

Luxury Shopping

Luxury Shopping Destinations in Cartagena Colombia Cartagena, Colombia is becoming a beacon for high-end luxury fashion shops specializing in fashion and accessories. Local South American talents as well as world-class European fashion houses have recognized the potential for growth in the region and have opened dozens of new stores (both mono brand boutiques and multi-brand outlets) within the recent past and it…

Mochila Bags

Mochila Bags

Mochila Bags Brightly colored with beautiful patterns, Mochila Bags are known around the world for their eye-catching designs and have become a cultural symbol for Colombian identity. Originally handmade by the women of the indigenous Arhuaco tribe of the Sierra Nevada in North Colombia, the bags were woven with natural fibers such as agave and cotton, however today tend to be made…

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