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Sunset at Café Del Mar Cartagena

Open Air Bar that Looks Over the Caribbean Sean

There are a lot of beautiful places in Cartagena to simply sit and enjoy the natural beauty of this exotic vacation getaway but one of the most picturesque spots is Café Del Mar. Café Del Mar is a cozy little open air bar that sits atop Cartagena’s iconic wall overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The owners took one of the picturesque baluartes (fortifications) and turned into a hip spot to sip and savor a cocktail or two as the sun slides below the sea. Indeed, the most popular tables in the joint hug the parapet’s walls and look directly to the sunset.

Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret that it’s the view that makes Café Del Mar in Cartagena one of the best places to rest after a long day of sightseeing or bobbing about on the ocean. Picture yourself and your friends chatting in the cool breeze as the sky burns orange, pink, and red and Cartagena transitions from a daytime adventure land to a nighttime playground.
Like with many of the trendy cafes, bars, and bistros in Cartagena, you can also find music here most nights but it may not be the type of tunes you’d expect. The soundtrack is often trendy EDM (think Ibiza) or American electronica. But it’s good to have something to groove to as one cocktail becomes two and your feet start moving. You can hit the dance floor here and get the night started off right.

The food

Café Del Mar in Cartagena also offers a rather limited menu of food items in case you feel yourself a bit puckish after you’ve spent the day in the Rosario Islands or walking around the historic sites in the Old City. The menu is a bit limited but the small plates on offer will tide you over until dinner (or that midnight bistro crawl through Getsemani.

It’s Busy

One note of caution: because Café Del Mar in Cartagena is one of the most famous places in the city to see the sunset, it will be crowded. This tourist destination is recommended by cab drivers, tour guides, hotel staff and more throughout the city so it fills up quickly.

Indeed, it can often be hard to find a table and the service staff is sometimes a bit overwhelmed. But if you go into the experience with in a laid back state of mind and are here to experience nature’s beauty it’s worth the wait.

Baluarte in Cartagena

A Great Place to Start an Evening

So, in order to get the full experience at Café Del Mar without suffering the drawbacks we recommend getting to Café Del Mar in Cartagena early, getting a prime spot for watching the sunset, ordering your cocktails in a timely fashion, and then enjoying the light show.
After the sun slides below the sea and the stars come out to play, it’s time to take the party elsewhere and experience some of the less touristy clubs, bars, and kitschy eateries in Cartagena.

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