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Sofia Vergara Keys to Cartagena

Keys to Cartagena Colombia

Actress, sex symbol, and comedienne Sofia Vergara recently received the keys to Cartagena, Colombia in an intimate ceremony hosted by Cartagena’s Mayor Manuel Vicente Duque. Vergara happened to be in Colombia for work but transitioned into a bit of a vacation in Cartagena, attending a destination wedding and taking time to tour the old Walled City and the Gestemani neighborhood. The honor was bestowed upon her for the positive attention she has brought to Colombia in Hollywood and all across America and the World.

A Native Colombian Woman Comes Home

It’s no secret that Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara is a native Colombian (as is the character she plays on the show). In fact, she was born in Barranquilla just two hour’s drive north from Cartagena, Colombia. So coming home to shoot a commercial on the gorgeous Rosario Islands (just minutes from Cartagena by boat) was the perfect opportunity to plan a mini-reunion with family.

First she attended a destination wedding in Cartagena—a gala affair with a tropical Colombian vibe, then did the typical touristy sightseeing in Cartagena including a walking tour of Getsemani and other portions of the Walled City.

Along the way Cartagenans came out in droves to see her, speak kind words to her, and snap photos of the famous actress. At times Vergara seemed a bit overwhelmed by the reception but always wore her massive smile.

During her sightseeing tour of Cartagena she took time to pose for a few iconic photos around the city.

• She mimicked the Caribbean flare of a Palenquero (a traditional fruit seller)
• Vamped with family in front of the famous bronze statue of a reclining woman (created by Colombian artist Fernando Botero) in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
• And dined on traditional Colombian dishes you can find around every corner in Cartagena

Palenquero Fruit Seller
Palenquero Fruit Seller
Walking streets of Cartagena
Streets of Cartagena
San Pedro Claver

The Keys to Cartagena

The presentation ceremony took place in an invitation-only ceremony at the Santa Clara Hotel. Mayor Manuel Vicente Duque applauded the Modern Family actress for everything she has done for Colombia, calling her “a Barranquillera that has put Colombia’s name up high.”

While Vergara didn’t comment to the press, she did post a photo on her Instagram saying “thank you Cartagena. I don’t want to go.” She also thanked her fellow Colombians in a dedication inside the official guest book at the event writing: “Thank you for taking good care of me and for keeping this city as beautiful as it can be!”

Vacation in Cartagena Like Hollywood Royalty

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So take this opportunity to do what Sofia Vergara did and don’t just vacation in Cartagena—experience it like a Colombian!

Martha Hampton

Martha Hampton
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