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Marzola Parrilla Argentina Steakhouse

Marzola Parrilla Argentina Steakhouse in Cartagena

It makes sense that most of the fine dining and casual sit down restaurants in Cartagena would feature menus heavy on fish and shellfish. Cartagena is Colombia’s Caribbean playground and as such it has access to some of the freshest fruits of the sea in South America. But if you’re looking for something a little different, something a little meatier, try the Marzola Parrilla Argentina. This eclectic little steakhouse is fun and funky but the food is first class.

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The Story of the Marzola Restaurant

Located in the heart of Cartagena (Calle del Curato # 38-137) where the former Patagonia Restaurant lived for years, Marzola is the dream child of Gustavo Marzola—a man whose passion for food knows no bounds. His singular dream was to bring something of his Argentinian home to Cartagena and that he has. His recipes are elegant and on-point but his personality is anything but restrained. He is bright, bubbly, ad quick with a smile—admiral traits which are evident the moment you spot Marzola from the street.

The walls of Marzola are absolutely covered in everything and anything you can imagine: old license plates photographs, bottle caps, bits of machinery, telephones, colorful statuary and more. It’s definitely eye-catching and probably one of the most photographed restaurants in all of Cartagena.

But if the décor catches your eye it will be the scents of perfectly grilled meats wafting on the tropical breeze that pull you in and capture your heart. Gustavo prepared Marzola’s menu with love and added feature dishes that showcase vibrant twists on traditional meals. Some of the fan favorites include the Parrilla Típica, the chorizo and morcilla, and the Patagonian lamb. Of course you’ll also find a variety of premium steak, ribs, and more.

All of it is served with personal attention to detail and (possibly) a visit from Gustavo himself!

Thirsty? Try Gustavo’s Bar

The combination of quirky enthusiasm and culinary skill really sets Mazola Parrilla Argentina apart from other restaurants in Cartagena and creates a unique dining experience for visitors who have grown tired of ceviche and grilled sea bass. But Gustavo’s appetite for good times couldn’t be contained to just one location.

He has recently opened a fun and funky bar called KGB (in honor of his daughter who is half Russian) just down the street. Here guests can sip cold beers, sample excellent cocktails, and snap photos wearing Soviet-era military hats!

Where is Marzola?

You can find Marzola Parrilla Argentina at Calle del Curato # 38-137 in Cartagena’s Walled City. You can also find them online at Facebook.

Because this place is so popular, it’s recommended that larger groups call ahead for reservations: # 66 02 403. Of course, if you’re staying at one of our luxury vacation rental homes in Cartagena, our complimentary concierge service can make all the arrangements from reservations to car service so all you have to worry about is what to wear.

Martha Hampton

Martha Hampton
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