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Weather in Cartagena

Cartagena Colombia Weather

The Cartagena monthly weather makes anytime the best time to visit. The temperature in Cartagena, Colombia rarely changes. Cartagena weather feels like it’s hot—in the high eighties—and mostly sunny all year long with occasional clouds in the bright blue sky. This makes Cartagena the perfect vacation spot for those escaping the cold and snow back home.

The weather in weather Cartagena de Indias is created by its unique location. Warm humidity from Caribbean Sea brings occasional rain (specifically during the Rainy Season) but the tropical sun high overhead keeps it from hanging around too long. The rest of Colombia (which sits to the south and east) perfectly shelters Cartagena from the high winds and storms that reach other parts of the Caribbean.

The Best Times to Visit Cartagena

Easter is one of the busiest times in the city. Celebrities and politicians from Bogota flood into Cartagena for the celebrations and stay for the Rosario Island beaches—voted the best in all of Colombia. However, April is also one of the hottest months with temps over 90 degrees—so bring your sunblock!

Absolute peak season in Cartagena is the holiday stretch from before Christmas through the New Year. In fact, the decorations go up in November—even before Cartagena celebrates Colombia’s independence! There are tons of celebrations, film festivals, concerts, and special events that you won’t see any other time.

With so many people in the city, booking the accommodations you want, may be difficult (and pricey) unless you do so early. But once you get here, the weather is as perfect as it gets. The rainy season has past and the hottest days are yet to come. You get to see the best of Cartagena and have the best weather in which to enjoy it.

The Rainy Season (A Budget-Minded Traveler’s Best Friend)

Many first-timers might worry about the rains. Cartagena does see its fair share (40 inches per year), mostly during the High Rainy Season (October- November). But Cartagena rains come quickly and are over just as fast. Take a break from the heat of the day to have a lazy lunch or tour one of the beautiful Catholic churches in the Old City then step outside again to discover the tropical sun has dried everything up for you.

In fact, if you’re looking to get the best rates on a Cartagena Caribbean vacation, the rainy season is the perfect season. Not only are the city, the beaches, and the tourist attractions less crowded but the rates for accommodations and tourist services are at their all-time lowest.

Our rental properties are available throughout the year. Whenever you want to visit Cartagena, we will be happy to assist in making your vacation an unforgettable experience. Please contact us via the individual property rental pages or, via our contact tab above.

We look forward to welcoming you to our magical city.

Cartagena Weather Today

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Cartagena Colombia weather all year is amazing!

Weather Averages in Cartagena

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