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Mangrove Tours

For Thousands of Years the Mangroves have Served as a Natural Protection

Not every boat tour in Cartagena involves white sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. If you’re a nature lover and want to see something truly spectacular, the mangroves are for you. This secluded, shaded forest of lush greenery sprouts right up from the salty ocean water near Boquilla. For thousands of years it has served as natural protection for the surrounding area from the wind and the waves but it’s also a natural home to hundreds of species of wildlife from fish and other aquatic animals to birds and more.

So if you want to get out and do something authentically unique, a boat tour of the mangroves is just the ticket you’ve been looking for.

Mangroves near Cartagena

The Mangroves—A True Nature Lover’s Escape!

From your low-bellied canoe, you’ll glide effortlessly over the shallow waters of the mangrove forests, slipping into the maze-like interior that’s home to species of birds and other wildlife you’ll not see anywhere else.

In ancient times, the Spanish called this forest La Cienega de La Virgen (literally “the swamp of the virgin) and even today it appears untouched by the hands of man. Indeed, when you slide quietly below the canopy you’ll feel as if you’re stepping back in time—as if you’re one of the first explorers to penetrate the emerald veil of Colombia in search of new discoveries!

Enjoy spotting animals or just soak in the sun-dappled waters beneath the tunnel-like canopy of sturdy branches and greenery.

And if you’re a photographer, bring your gear. The way the light and shadows play through the greenery overhead constantly changes the scene in front of you creating epic shots you and your audiences will sit in awe over for a lifetime.

What Are Mangroves?

Not familiar with mangroves? These hardy plants attach to the shallow seabed and grow in the salty water, sucking nutrients through their thick roots. These plants grow in such tight profusion that they can actually create artificial islands over the eons and form natural breakwaters in places throughout the Caribbean.

The tightly woven limbs and roots provide the perfect home for fish, birds, lizards, and other tropical animals looking for a place to beat the heat.

The Best Time to Go

Planning a trip to the mangrove forest? The best time to go is before the sun hits its zenith and brings the average temperature of Cartagena into the high 80s (Fahrenheit). Morning also provides you peak viewing hours for the local fauna as they too like to snooze away the hot afternoons in their secluded little hideaway holes.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer an afternoon tour as the sun is sliding toward the horizon, that can be arranged as well.

Let Us Make the Arrangements for You

When you stay with us at any of our luxury vacation rental homes in Cartagena, our complimentary concierge service can handle all of the arrangements for your exciting tour of the mangrove forest of Boquilla. We can arrange transportation to and from your tour, hire the best, most experienced tour guides, and even provide extras like lunch or even entrance into Boquilla’s Archeological Park so you can see how locals lived in Pre-Colombian times.

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