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Classical Music Festival in Cartagena

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Classical Music Festival in Cartagena

The Cartagena International Music Festival is a nine-day long celebration of classical music in all of its varieties. It is the time to see some of the best and most passionate classical artists and ensembles in the world performing music that has transcended generations. What better place to experience such a spectacle than Cartagena—a city that has been a vibrant and powerful expression of historic culture since its inception in 1533 (before much of this wonderful music was even written!) Immerse yourself in the Old World feel of this historic city and feel the power of the music in your bones.

The History and Mission of the Cartagena International Music Festival

The classical music festival was formed by Italian-American harpist Victor Salvi and his wife as a way of expanding the influence of the music they so desperately love. It’s not only a way for this centuries-old form of expression to earn a new audience but a way for burgeoning artists to get their starts as well. (There will be master classes throughout the week for nearly 400 aspiring artists and scholarships will be awarded to the most promising young musicians.)

Not a huge fan of classical? Don’t worry. This isn’t a stuffy, starched shirt event. The official motto of CIMF is “Music for Everyone” so feel free to come and enjoy no matter your background. Amateur enthusiasts, aficionados, and complete newcomers to classical are sure to hear something that will tug their heartstrings and move their spirit.

What to Expect from CIMF 2018

Every year the Cartagena International Music Festival lures musicians from all over the world and this year’s celebration in January of 2018 will be no exception. From January 5th to the 14th the city will come alive with the sound of the masters.

Some of the featured composers this year include Debussy and Ravel intermingled with performances of The Marriage of Figaro (Las Bodas de Figaro) and interpretations of classical French music from the perspective of The New World.

For a full schedule of all the performances visit the festival’s official website.

How to Experience the World’s Best Classical Music

Many of the performances in the theaters throughout Cartagena are ticketed events (you can claim yours from the Cine Colombia ticket booths in Caribe Plaza or Taquillas del Teatro Adolfo Mejia and Centro de Convenciones) but even if don’t have the opportunity to snag tickets you’re not out of luck. There will also be a number of free concerts throughout the city in the beautiful and historic plazas and churches. Open performances will be held on January 9, 10, 13, and 14.

Book Your Reservations Soon

The city swells with over 20,000 music lovers during this annual gala event so if you’re planning on vacationing in Cartagena for the festival, now is the perfect time to reserve your temporary home away from home. We offer luxurious vacation rental homes in Cartagena—right in the Old City—so you can stay in the heart of the action. Catch world class performances, stroll the historic streets, take in the renowned nightlife, and sample the world’s cuisine all within walking distance of your vacation home.

To learn more about CIMF you can contact the festival organizers directly at

Calle 70 A No. 11-67

Barrio Quinta Camacho

Teléfonos: 57 (1) 217 99 70 – 217 9972


[email protected]

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