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Mar Y Zielo Gastro

Experience the Cartagena Gustatory Scene

Cartagena is the perfect Spanish city for romantic getaways. Even if you can only stay for a long weekend, the history, the beauty, the passion of the seaside city will infuse every moment you spend here with that undefinable magic that makes memories unforgettable. The sun, the surf, the beautiful people—it is the stuff of dreams. But if you want to take your short getaway in Cartagena to the next level, you need to experience the gustatory scene. Do not forget that taste is one of our most powerful senses! Enter the Mar Y Zielo Gastro – Bar.

Tap into the Romance of Colombia

This beautiful restaurant and bar in the heart of Cartagena’s historic walled city has been breathtakingly crafted to embody the history, the romance, and the pure sensuality of Cartagena from the ground up. The amazingly detailed interior décor allows you to fool yourself into thinking you have taken a wonderful trip through time to a period in the past that was so much more glamorous than today. Mar Y Zielo Gastro – Bar becomes an oasis completely removed from reality while you leisurely dine on some of the best cuisine in Cartagena and sip on cocktails that perfectly embody the spirit of this Caribbean escape.

Plaster walls wrought iron fixtures, rattan furniture, and lush greenery all combine to create an authentic and unique ambiance that at once isolates you from the cosmopolitan city just outside the doors and reconnects you with the history and the nature that Colombia exudes.

The illusion is enhanced by friendly waitstaff that caters to your every need, offering choice recommendations from the vibrant menu and the cocktail list to suit your tastes. Fan-favorites like the Ceviche Baronia and the Matrimonio pair exquisitely with cocktail offers that include a variety of tropical drinks as well as unique takes on classic martinis.

Perhaps you would prefer a glass (or bottle) of wine. Mar Y Zielo Gastro – Bar offers one of the better selections in Cartagena with an extensive listing hand-picked from vintners from around the world including true champagnes to celebrate those special occasions.

Intimate and Romantic Mar Y Zielo Gastro

Located in the Casa de la Escribana, Calle del Arzobispado, in the very heart of the Historic Old City, minutes from everything, Mar Y Zielo Gastro – Bar is the perfect place to meet up with friends for an unforgettable evening, but the romance infused into this restaurant really shines when it is just the two of you. There so much to do and see in Cartagena that the finer things can get pushed aside if you only have a short time in the city. Do not forget to set aside some special time for you and your someone and reconnect with those feelings that brought you together in the first place.

Mar Y Zielo Gastro

Mar Y Zielo Gastro – Bar is open seven days per week with varied hours. Reservations are recommended for larger parties and can be made by calling +57 3176911393.

Martha Hampton

Martha Hampton
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