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Watch the sunset on top of the Old City wall in Cartagena

Watch the Sunset Atop Old City Wall

Watch the Sunset Atop the City Walls in Cartagena One of the most noticeable and iconic historical structures in Cartagena is the Old City wall that surrounds the oldest portion of the city. This wall was built during the Colonial Era to help repel attacks from pirates, privateers, and invading armies. Now the wall has become an amazing tourist attraction in Cartagena…

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Old City Wall Cartagena

Old City Wall

Cartagena's Fortified Old City Cartagena was once one of the most important cities in the Spanish Empire. With billions of dollars worth of gold, gems, exotic cash crops, and slave labor flowing through the city it was a ripe target for pirates and privateers like Sir Francis Drake. It’s no wonder then that the empire would spend as much money as they…

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