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Marzola Parrilla Argentina Steakhouse

Marzola Parrilla Steakhouse

Marzola Parrilla Argentina Steakhouse in Cartagena It makes sense that most of the fine dining and casual sit down restaurants in Cartagena would feature menus heavy on fish and shellfish. Cartagena is Colombia’s Caribbean playground and as such it has access to some of the freshest fruits of the sea in South America. But if you’re looking for something a little different,…

Restaurant in Cartagena

Top 5 Restaurants in Cartagena

The Top 5 Restaurants in Cartagena’s Old City Cartagena has really carved out a place for itself on the map as a foodie’s destination of choice. Many local and international chefs have chosen to make Cartagena’s Old City their home and bring an eclectic mix of traditional and avant-garde offerings to travelers who want a little gastronomical excitement during their stay in…

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