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Best Restaurants in Cartagena Colombia

Best Restaurants in Cartagena Old City

Top Restaurants in Cartagena that are a must Looking for the best restaurants in Cartagena? With a myriad of restaurants in Cartagena, this historic city has become truly modern when it comes to the cuisine on offer. Indeed, Cartagena has become something of a destination for foodies and restaurateurs with interesting and exciting visions of what authentic food should really be. The…

La Vitrola Restaurant

La Vitrola Restaurant

The Preferred Dining Option for Colombia’s Elite La Vitrola is a lively Cuban themed restaurant in the heart of Cartagena. It’s not a quiet place to dine though thanks to its electric vibe it can be quite romantic. There’s often live music in the background and even concerts which play in time with the dinner service. Add on dozens of laughing patrons…

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