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Best Restaurants in Cartagena Colombia

Best Restaurants in Cartagena Old City

Top Restaurants in Cartagena that are a must Looking for the best restaurants in Cartagena? With a myriad of restaurants in Cartagena, this historic city has become truly modern when it comes to the cuisine on offer. Indeed, Cartagena has become something of a destination for foodies and restaurateurs with interesting and exciting visions of what authentic food should really be. The…

Don Juan Restaurante Cartagena Colombia

Restaurante Don Juan

Restaurante Don Juan When you stay in Colombia you’d be remiss if you didn’t sample at least some of the local cuisine. While there are any number of fine restaurants in Cartagena featuring alternatives (Peruvian, Asian, even Mediterranean cuisines) the true sole food of Cartagena is a mix of Colombian favorites and Caribbean flair all featuring local ingredients fresh from the sea…

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