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Same-sex Marriages in Cartagena

Same-sex Marriages in Cartagena

Same-sex Marriages in Cartagena Cartagena has long been a wedding destination for straight and Same-sex Marriages. People come not only from all over Colombia but all over the world as well to be married under the Caribbean Sun. Whether those couples come for the ultimate beach wedding or just want their union to be close to a glorious honeymoon destination in this…

Santo Domingo Church Cartagena - Best Wedding Venues

Best Wedding Venues in Cartagena

Getting Married in Cartagena Every bride has a picture in her mind of that perfect wedding: warm breezes and sun-kissed skin, wedding venues with Old World charm and romantic appeal, scenery every bit as breathtaking as she is in her wedding dress . . . But that perfect wedding doesn’t have to be just another fairy tale. Getting married in Cartagena can…

Cartagena’s Old City

Cartagena’s Old City

The Old City is the Place to Be Planning a vacation to Cartagena? Cartagena’s Old City is the place to stay. Why? It offers a unique vacation experience unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else! Sure, the beach high-rises in the Boca Grande area are nice but you can book four walls and an air conditioner anywhere. Don’t you want something with a…

Things to Do and See in Cartagena

Top 10 Things to Do and See in Cartagena

What to See and Do Around Cartagena Planning a vacation in Cartagena can be a bit overwhelming. This city has literally been an international travel destination for centuries. Today it brings a veritable who’s who from all over the world including wealthy Colombian movers and shakers, Hollywood A-List celebrities, and the shooting stars of the global gastronomy scene. But Cartagena isn’t just…

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