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Dr. Mauro Ferri


Dr. Mauro Ferri

POI Dental Clinic, Scientific and Specialized Dentistry

Get the Same Great Dental Care for Hundreds (or Thousands) Less in a Gorgeous Vacation Destination

Need an extensive dental procedure to repair your smile? Have you been putting off your oral care because it costs too much? Let the dental professionals at POI Dental Clinic in Cartagena, Colombia restore and protect your smile affordably.

It may seem strange to contemplate traveling to the gorgeous Caribbean vacation destination of Cartagena to get dental work done. After all, there are probably a half-dozen dentists within driving distance of where you live or work. But, when you examine the dental tourism industry in detail—specifically Colombia’s dental tourism market—it makes much more sense.


Dr. Roxanna Martinez Sanchez

POI Dental Clinic, Scientific and Specialized Dentistry

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental Tourism is specialized travel in which you would fly to a destination to seek professional dental care outside your country. An offshoot of the ever-growing medical tourism market, dental tourism is an excellent way for people from all over the world to get necessary aesthetic and reconstructive dental procedures completed at prices they can afford.

This emerging market is experiencing meteoric growth in the next few years. The Dental tourism industry worldwide is on track to hit an all-time high of USD 6.7 billion in 2022, with a projected growth of $24 billion in the next ten years.

Why is dental tourism so popular—especially among Americans?

Guaranteed Professional Care

With the growth of Internationally-recognized accreditation services, dental tourists can rest assured that the medical professionals treating them are to the highest standards.

Dental Tourism Vacation Destinations

It’s no accident that many of the best locations worldwide for dental tourism (like Colombia) are also tropical paradises. Who wouldn’t want to temper a visit to the dentist with a glorious sun-bathed mini-vacation?

Quick, Easy Travel

Dental tourism in Cartagena, Colombia, is extremely popular with Americans—especially those in Florida—because travel to and from Cartagena is quick, affordable, and relatively hassle-free. You can purchase airfare for a couple of hundred dollars, be in the air for less than three hours, and have your dentistry done before the end of the day. Planning your dental procedure and mini-vacation over a long weekend is easy and affordable.

Why Travel to Cartagena to Get Dental Work Done?

Colombia is listed as one of the seven best destinations for dental tourism in the world, delivering the opportunity to get the same dental procedures done with the same care as you’d expect from your local dentist for roughly 70% less than you would be expected to pay in The United States!
The Same Level of Care

The Same Level of Care

The POI Dental Clinic in Cartagena, Colombia, is operated by internationally-recognized dentists Dr. Mauro Ferri and his wife, Dr. Roxanna Martinez. Dr. Ferri is a sought-after specialist in reconstructive procedures and an expert in bone regeneration. Dr. Martinez specializes in endodontic tooth repair treatments—including whitening.

Together they provide a full array of dental procedures, from essential preventative treatments like cleanings and fillings to large-scale restorative procedures like crowns, dental implants, and complete smile design services.

Both Dr. Ferri and Dr. Martinez are widely respected in their fields, participate in ongoing research projects, hold professorships at the Rafael Nunez University in Cartagena, and have published or contributed to dozens of articles in medical journals.

Their team of professional service providers at the POIT Dental Clinic in Cartagena delivers world-class treatments in a clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment, regardless of whether the patient is a local or a dental tourist from halfway around the world.
Many of their services (including crowns, fillings, veneers, and implants) come with guarantees.

Dental Tourism For Thousands Less

Of course, the natural appeal of dental tourism in Colombia is the pricing. The POI Dental Clinic in Cartagena offers some of the most competitive pricing around. Take a look at their pricing chart, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save when compared to a traditional American dentist.
For example, Dr. Ferri can fit you with dental crowns of various materials, including porcelain, starting at just $500. A similar procedure in the US would cost between $1,200 USD and $1,600 USD. Even something as familiar as 3D dental scans (which can cost as much as $600 USD for a US dentist) start at just $70 USD at POI Dental Clinic in Cartagena. Regular Preventative visits start at just $40 USD.
This affordability allows you to schedule procedures you’ve been putting off today and have the beautiful smile you deserve in just a few days. This is especially great for cosmetic procedures which insurance doesn’t often cover completely—your out-of-pocket costs will be cut in half!

In Paradise

It doesn’t hurt that Dr. Ferri and Dr. Martinez chose to build their dental care practice in Cartagena—one of Colombia’s hottest tourist destinations. With beaches galore, historic sites all around, and a nightlife that’s quickly becoming world-class, combining much-needed dentistry with a bit of time off for rest and recuperation in paradise only makes sense.

Book Your Dental Tourism Vacation Today

Whether you’re planning on popping in for an afternoon to get an affordable filling or you want to pair your dentistry with an actual vacation in Cartagena, the first step is getting in touch with the professionals.
Contact the POI Dental Clinic to discuss treatment plans and schedule a visit with Dr. Ferri or Dr. Martinez today. Call +57 5 6792463 or Whatsapp +57 300 2835720.

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