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How Safe is it Travel to Cartagena

The Only Risk is Not Wanting to Leave

Traveling to Cartagena and visiting the tourist locations, especially the well-traveled areas of the Old City is perfectly safe.

Cartagena has positioned itself high up on the rankings of tourist hotspots in the Caribbean with a flourishing gustatory scene, amazing cultural exhibitions, and historic sightseeing opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world.

In fact, Cartagena is the second-most popular tourist destination in Colombia for foreign travelers (behind only Bogota).

In 2019 (prior to the pandemic) there was an astounding 11% increase of foreign vacationers coming into the country from all over the world!

Cartagena Safer than Cities in The U.S

With the disbanding of several criminal organizations, the growing popularity of tourist destinations like Cartagena, has grown significantly.

In fact, Cartagena is officially one of the safest cities in Colombia. The main tourist locations inside the Old City, are perfectly safe for vacationers.

Individual travelers, couples, groups of friends, and families have been coming to Cartagena in droves since 2016 and have enjoyed amazing, safe vacations that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Smart Tips to Help You Stay Safe in Cartagena

Don’t Paint Yourself a Target

Worldly tourists who have traveled abroad before know that property crimes are always the most prevalent in high-traffic tourist destinations anywhere in the World.

As in all vacation destinations around the world, to keep yourself safe you should always minimize displays of wealth.

It is always recommended not to flaunt expensive jewelry, cameras, or other items that can quickly and easily be snatched away. Don’t carry a lot of cash with you. Don’t leave valuables unattended. Nothing more than you would hear when traveling to any destination around the world.

Cartagena Awaits with Open Arms

The tourist industry provides millions of dollars annually to the local economy in Cartagena. And, as is common in tourist destinations around the world, the city has implemented changes to protect that financial investment. Indeed, many infrastructural changes, law enforcement improvements, and public outreach campaigns have been specifically designed to make the experience of vacationers in Cartagena better, safer, and unforgettable.

So don’t let those antiquated notions about Colombia scare you away from having the best time of your life. Trust your local Cartagena vacation planners and let us show you how to have an amazing vacation in our tropical paradise.

Just follow the Colombian tourist slogan that more and more holidaymakers that come to our beautiful and magical city can testify to.



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